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About Rumba del Sol

2001 | Foundation of "Rumba del Sol" as a solo music project by the musician Andreas Wagner (aka macandrews). First releases on
2003 | Publication of the title "Abril" for the Radisson SAS Hotel Sampler "Paparazzi Lounge". In the summer apears the first self released and self produced CD "Recuerdos".
2005 | The producer and musician Jürgen Dahmen joined the project.
2006 | An Italian label publishes "Gitano Urbano" on the sampler "Ama Lounge 2". The CD "Recuerdos" is licensed by a music publisher and is released under the title "Meereslauschen Vol 2" for the cafe "Weisse Düne" on the isle of Norderney.
CD Covers
2007 | Beginning of a musical cooperation with Nidia Ortiz under the name "Nidia Ortiz y Rumba del Sol".
2008 | Release of the CD "Cosa Bella" by "Nidia Ortiz y Rumba del Sol". After the CD release the ensemble plays several live gigs in Germany with guest musicians like Konstantin Wienstroer (bass), who also plays on the CD and Selman Sezek, (percussion).
2017 | Release of the CD RaggaChill, guest musician Konstantin Wienstroer.
2020 | Release of the first six tracks of the track series "Eclipse Solar" which will continue indefinitely in the future.
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